Septic System

At J&T we have the knowledge and equipment to repair or replace any part of your septic system. Our team will get your septic system working efficiently and within local codes and requirements. We install long lasting concrete tanks and can also replace distribution boxes and leach fields.

Septic System Replacement

  • With our backhoe we can replace the septic tank, the distribution box, the leach field or all for a complete replacement!
  • We’ll pull the proper permits and make sure your septic system is up to code.
  • We use long lasting concrete septic tanks that are manufactured here in Iowa.
  • With our video inspection service we can locate exactly where any problems may exist and make the proper repairs.

If you’d like an estimate for repairing or replacing your septic system, call J&T Plumbing and Heating today and we can set up an appointment at your convenience! 641-864-2400